Whitney Joseph

Founder, Whitney Joseph, founded The City Prescription after spending time in a number of City's largest financial services and law firms and realising the important need for those living with Sickle Cell – and other long term health conditions – to be supported in their transition from education into the work place. Currently working as a Banking & Finance Associate at a London law firm, Whitney's own career has recognises the challenges that come with living and working with Sickle Cell, but believes that with the right support, those challenges can be overcome. 


Whitney was diagnosed with Sickle Cell at six weeks old and has long been an advocate for the condition. She has worked with a number of organisations and charities over the years to promote awareness of living with long-term disabilities and health conditions, social mobility and diversity and inclusion, particularly within law. As someone with Sickle Cell herself, Whitney appreciates the challenges that come with the condition and how they can make entry into the workplace that much more difficult, especially when entering demanding and competitive industries.


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