Managing a long-term disorder on a daily basis can sometimes be a demanding task, particularly whilst working a full time job. The City Prescription are therefore keen to hear from individuals who are living and working with Sickle Cell or another long-term health condition. We want to know what difficulties, if any, you have experienced and how best to overcome them.  

If you, or someone that you know, would like to share your story of balancing a successful career alongside a long term condition or simply want to share your top tips for the workplace please get in touch at with the following information:


  1. Your job role and/or industry

  2. Your career route e.g. apprenticeship, undergraduate degree, postgraduate degree etc.

  3. Has your health impacted upon your education? If so, how?

  4. Has your health impacted upon your career? If so, how?

  5. How have you been able to balance taking care of your health alongside your career?

  6. Have there been any particular obstacles or difficult decisions as a result of your health and how have you managed to overcome them?

  7. Top tips for someone pursuing a career in your industry

For advice and information on working or studying with a disability visit My Plus Disability:


For further medical information on Sickle Cell Disorder visit the NHS website:


For advice and support on living with Sickle Cell visit the Sickle Cell Society UK website:


For further information and awareness visit Sickle Kan:

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